The main outcome of any Lanarkshire Songwriters project is to produce music that brings to life the subject matter and this comes in the form of an album or in some cases a number of albums.

Over the course of the project the subject is heavily researched through meetings and interviews with people who have extensive experience of the topic and are able to bring stories to the attention of the song writers.  Once this information has been gathered the writers produce songs to encompass the information and feeling intended by the story before bringing all the songs together into an album to tell the full story.

Each album contains a variety of songs, from subject matter to writing styling to musical genre so there is something for everyone but the most important thing is to bring to the attention of others forgotten stories that could've been lost to history and ensure we do our part as song writers to keep these stories alive in the Lanarkshire community.

Below are albums related to these Lanarkshire Songwriters projects and you can find more detail about the projects on our Projects page.  The list also contains individual albums by some of our members.

Please follow through to the details to page to find out more about the album and about how they can be purchased.

Some of our albums