Over the years the Lanarkshire Songwriters have been involved in a variety of projects which have resulted in the production of CDs.

These projects include 14 GALLANT MEN a CD of songs based on the stories and paintings of local man Duncan Brown about the 14 Victoria Cross Winners who either came from or lived in Lanarkshire. This was part of SONGLINES, The New Makar Trust Project in South Lanarkshire.
GENTLE GIANTS was also part of the SONGLINES project and was a CD created in partnership with GREENTRAX RECORDINGS. The CD included songs old and new about Clydesdale Horses. This has been very successful and like the other CDs is still available for purchase.

GRASSMARKET BUTCHERS was the third CD to come from the SONGLINES project. This was a CD of songs covering the period of the Covenantors

BLANTYRE TO a CD inspired by three men who left Blantyre to fight in the Spanish Civil War. We were asked to write songs for them to be performed t the unveiling of a monument in Blantyre. The idea of the project grew and Unison asked the Lanarkshire Songwriters to create a full album of songs which we were happy to do. The CD also included some existing songs from the Spanish Civil War.

SILENT CHORUS..This is a CD of new mining songs written and recorded by the Lanarkshire Songwriters. The songs formed part of a major South Lanarkshire Council project called PITS, PONIES, PEOPLE AND STORIES and was based on the mining industry in South Lanarkshire.

The Lanarkshire Songwriters are currently working on a project in partnership with the CLYDE AND AVON VALLEY LANDSCAPE PARTNERSHIP CAVLP. The project is called FRUITS OF THEIR LABOURS and is focussed on the Fruit and Horticulture industry that was once a major industry in the Clyde Valley. This project has also involved Primary Schools as well as the adult Songwriters. The Schools CD is complete and the Songwriters CD will be completed early Summer 2017

Several Primary Schools have also been involved in some of these projects and in projects of their own where songwriters work with a class of school children to create perform and record songs on a particular subject.

There are discussions ongoing with other possible partners about other songwriting projects however when there is not a project to work on we set ourselves a task by agreeing on a subject that we have to write a song about. The songwriting process is an ongoing one for us all.

Some of our projects