From Blantyre to Barcelona

Thomas Brannan, William Fox and Thomas Fleck. Like thousands of others, these three working men from Blantyre, Lanarkshire gave their lives in the struggle against fascism in the Spanish Civil War. They travelled as part of the International Brigade and were members of the British Battalion. This collection of songs is a further memorial to them. The stories of Brannan, Fox, Fleck and their fight against fascism inspired the songwriters to produce this marvellous collection of songs. These songs bring alive the courage of the men and women of the International Brigades, the people they left behind and the tragedy of the victory of evil in Spain. However, like those who died and those who survived to continue the struggle, they have made their contribution to the continuing struggle against fascism with this reminder that the heroes of the past should be remembered for what they stood for as well as what they did. No pasaran!

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