Heather Young

Heather's Biography

In 2012 Chem19 Studios (run by Chemikal Underground label) recieved funding from Creative Scotland inviting young unrecorded musicians 18-25 to submit applications to produce a Demo recording of their music. Heather was selected as one of five artists chosen from across Scotland to participate in the project and recorded four of her own compositions on an EP, two of which she is accompanied by Dawn Martin on fiddle.

From Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Heather displays a musical talent and maturity beyond her youth. Having experienced an upbringing of music festivals, folk clubs and sessions, her talents as a singer/songwriter have been founded on growing up within the folk traditions. She has enteratined audiences at Clubs and Festivals throughout the country including festivals in Douglasdale, Arran and Lille in France where she introduced all her songs in French to the delight of the audience.

Her confidence, enthusiasm and natural ability to communicate her songs have been recognised by established musicians and the folk world where she is increasingly being asked to perform on the club and festival circuit. Her haunting voice and accomplished guitar playing style are attracting new audiences wherever she plays.

As a member of Lanarkshire Songwriters Group, Heather has developed as a writer and composer of her own music. At the age of 15 she was accepted to perform at the Celtic Connections Open Stage and was highly commended for her performance. Listen to Heather on YouTube or follow her music:

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