John Young

John's Biography

Lanarkshire born and bred in the sleepy hamlet of Stonehouse nestling on the banks of the river Avon.

A late convert to the world of songwriting, the music police are never far away from his door. With an abundant volume of songs on the social and historical exploits of Stonehouse….and….Stonehouse. John's songwriting skills occasionally venture beyond the Stonehouses' parish boundary in writing songs of political conscience and amusing observations of life.

As one of the early members of the Lanarkshire Songwriters and Stonehouse Folk Club, John is a regular adherent of the traditional folk festival circuit with family and friends supporting events and traditional music around the country. As a graphic designer to trade (colouring-in an awe that) John also puts his talents to commercial design of publications and CD artwork as well as being a author of a number of books….mostly about Stonehouse.

Instruments: Guitar, Bhodran and Mandolin (G,C and D with an occasional Am for variety)

Songs recorded: For Christ, Scotland and the Covenant (The Grassmarket Butchers; Lanarkshire Songwriters); Blood and Rain (From Blantyre to Barcelona; Lanarkshire Songwriters); Black Diamonds (The Silent Chorus; Lanarkshire Songwriters);

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